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‘Straight out of the border region of Ireland in County Cavan, The Moth is one of the most impressive literary magazines publishing now in the English-speaking world. The magazine is slender, neat and unpretentious in design; its visual art is typically stunning, its typeface invitingly diminutive. The interviews read often like craft-packed mini-memoirs. The poems and stories are consistently gripping, pertinent, stirring. Like all real literature the words The Moth carries on its wings to readers are local and intimate yet gathered from the multitudes. Subscribe and be surprised?nbsp; Dan O’Brien

‘Inside and out, it’s drenched in glorious colour ... It’s a mix that’s simply stunning.?
Danielle McLaughlin

‘What I like most about The Moth is its formal elegance ?net-chock-full, as they say, of the finest belles-lettres: not to mention incisive interviews to equal The Paris Review.?b> Patrick McCabe

?/span>What would life look like without The Moth? It would be the end of our civilization. Such as it is. The Moth 4EVER!?nbsp;Gary Shteyngart

?wordtidy style="">It’s beautiful.  I always want to frame it ?/span> Fiona Benson

‘It manages to have gravitas and coolness simultaneously?/span> National Poetry Library (UK)

?span times="" new="" roman";="" font-size:="" 12px;"="" style="font-family: " text-align:="" left;="">No other magazine like it?/span> Billy Collins

‘It’s just enough to sit down and gorge on, like a good non-stinky cheese or delicious new-fangled chocolate wine (Dada No. 8!) An absolute gem.?June Caldwell

‘There’s a great Kandinsky colour-as-music feel to the magazine?nbsp;Nichola Deane  

?em times="" new="" roman";"="" style="text-align: left; font-family: " roman";="" font-size:="" 12px;"="">The Moth is a friend to the bright?/span> Joshua Cohen

?/span>The Moth magazine is a thing of beauty?nbsp;Caoilinn Hughes

?em>The Moth occupies a special place in my journal reading because, as Keats says, A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:/Its loveliness increases; it will never/Pass into nothingness.?Eleanor Hooker

‘A gorgeous flea-market of poems and stories and artwork.?b> Conor O’Callaghan

‘I skim the serious American journals where I send work, but I actually read The Moth and I aspire to it. My friend the nun is shocked, I think, by the work ?but she is reading it too, in her Italian cloister. She is probably praying for you.?nbsp;a subscriber

‘There are numerous high-quality literary journals being published in Ireland, but surely none is more gorgeous than The Moth. I always go straight for the interviews. They’re consistently engrossing.?b> Rob Doyle

?i>The Moth is a small and very pleasing work of art ... it even has a collectible feel ... The literary selection on offer is superb ... with interviews which capture vivid and readable portraits of each author?nbsp;Irish Arts Review 

?em>The Moth is a beautiful creature?nbsp;David Mitchell

?i>The Moth does not flutter, but pierces truthfully with wit?nbsp;Yusef Komunyakaa

‘No other magazine like it?nbsp;Billy Collins

?i>The Moth is an amazing magazine?nbsp;Donal Ryan

‘If you want to keep your finger on the pulse, The Moth magazine is all you need?nbsp;Christine Dwyer Hickey

‘It’s a classy and accessible creation, and I am very grateful for its existence.?Alan McMonagle

‘Exquisitely designed and choc-a-bloc with exciting new artworks and wordworks?nbsp;Paul Durcan

?em>The Moth is a rare literary gem?nbsp;Dermot Healy

‘An edition of The Moth is as much a finely weighted collage of text and image as it is a sturdy literary journal of international standing and aspect.?Adrian Duncan

‘It is not just a magazine, but a work of art?nbsp;The Bridge
‘Something quite special has been created by O’Connor and Govan, not only in the exceptional content of the magazine, but also in the elegantly set print and pages.?em> Totally Dublin












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